About Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are very popular in Europe and in parts of Asia because of their versatility and stylish looks. They are extremely easy to transport and store. You can pop them in the trunk of your car for a weekend getaway, pack them in a suitcase for flights, or take them with you on public transportation, and when you get to your destination, you can easily keep them in a closet, under a desk...the possibilities are endless!

Because of their unique capabilities, folding bikes are appealing to those who live in crowded cities, such as Los Angeles. They are a stylish, environmentally friendly way to go around town, and they work extremely well with as an addition to cars and public transportation. Many folding bikes are comparable in performance to full-sized bikes, so you dont have to sacrifice anything for the convenience that folders bring.

A Montague folding bike stored in a closet

What the heck are folding bikes?

A Dahon Piccolo on the LA Metro Rail

Photo by folderfanatic

SoCal Charity Folding Bike Ride

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A Montague at Playa Punta Mal Tiempo, Cayo Largo, Cuba

Photo by GreenGrasshoppr